December 31, 2014

10 Domains with More Requests Closure for Piracy in 2014

10 Domains with More Requests Closure for Piracy in 2014: TorrentFreak launched another count of 2014 where he met the 10 sites more requests closure for reasons of piracy in Google .

Storage sites and search engines music files in MP3 format were those who had more requests in Google.
Something that stands TorrentFreak within this list is that nowhere in torrents appeared in the top 1st this year. Pages with more requests relate closing  hosting and file finders mp3 songs. This also has to do because the music companies, especially in the UK, were the companies that made ​​more requests.
What also stands out in this new year note is the absence of one of the sites with more applications: YouTube, Google video platform.
While only the url are labeled by Google, little is done by completely closing the sites. Of the 10 pages with more requests only closed this year.

Here is the list of top 10 sites with more requests closure Google:

  1. – 8345559 requests
  2. – 7838757 requests
  3. – 5412519 requests
  4. (Closed) – 4913298 requests
  5. – 4484310 requests
  6. – 3074988 requests
  7. – 2835660 requests
  8. – 2699706 requests
  9. – 2453694 requests
  10. – 2303615 requests

These are the 10 Domains which got more requests that are closure for Piracy in 2014.

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