January 3, 2018

5 Reasons Why Mac is better than the Windows

Are you going to buy a new Laptop or System? Do you know which one is best for you to work with? I will say Mac is the better choice than the Windows PC. Why? To complete my choice, here are the 5 reason why Mac is better than the Windows. Read it completely to know the reasons.


Although  Apple computers have become popular in recent years and are becoming more common, the fact is that Windows continues to be the absolute leader and indisputable in the global market of operating systems for desktops and laptops.

According to data from  Net Market Share, last November,  Windows topped the ranking with a market share of 88.39%,  followed by an enormous distance by macOS with 9.05%, and by Linux in third place with a 2.21%.

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Leaving aside the figures, it is clear that  Mac computers also have an important gap in everything to use a desktop is concerned. Have you ever wondered why people decide to buy a Mac? What are the advantages of a PC with the Microsoft operating system? In what aspects is it better, and in which is it worse?

Reasons Why Mac is better than the Windows

So, yeah here are the reasons of why Mac is preferred by the most of the users than Windows.

5. The same company manufactures hardware and software


Unlike Windows computers, in which Microsoft is responsible for the development of the operating system and other manufacturers are responsible for creating the machines,  in the case of Mac is Apple who produces both hardware and software.

This translates into an optimal combination of both sides: the operating system is developed especially for the equipment, and the equipment is manufactured with the operating system in mind.

Bearing in mind that it is the same company that carries out the whole process and supervises both the production of hardware and software, the result is a product with an unbeatable finish where care is taken to the smallest detail, something that the user notices from that takes the computer out of the box.

It is the same thing that happens if we compare Android mobile phones with iPhone: while the first operating system has to adapt to countless models and manufacturers, Apple’s smartphones have been specially created to run iOS, which guarantees a better functioning and a greater fluency

4. Mac has a more attractive design


Another reason why Mac is better than Windows is that it has a more attractive design and materials and finishes of better quality. We agree that appearance is not everything, but it is another point that we have very much in mind when choosing a team or another.

If to a more attractive aspect we add hardware and features equal or superior, it is clear that the option we are going to choose is the one with the best design.

Both desktops and MacBooks, Apple computers are characterized by its sophisticated appearance and its material care.

Not surprisingly,  the attractive design of the Mac is one of the most imitated by other companies, which try to reproduce from the clean packaging to matt metallic finishes in different colours or the characteristics of the keyboard and trackpad.

3. macOS is more intuitive and easy to use


Once you’re done with it, macOS is more intuitive and easy to use, which becomes another reason why Mac is better than Windows. You can start using your computer right out of the box: all you need to do is set up your iCloud account and you can start working.

By contrast, the Windows computers require more extensive configuration and usually come with preinstalled software maker little utility that slows down your computer.

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On the other hand, the interface and graphical environment of macOS will be very intuitive once you get used to the operating system.

It is normal to need a period of adaptation if you come from Windows and you have never worked with a Mac, but once you do with it everything will be easier: install and delete applications, quickly access any program from the Dock, locate files and folders with the Finder, etc.

2. With macOS, you are more productive


One of the main reasons why macOS is better than Windows is that your productivity will be improved. Once you get used to the operating system of Apple, whenever you use a Windows computer you will miss the keyboard shortcuts for Mac and especially the useful gestures of the trackpad or the Magic Mouse.

On the other hand, while it is true that Windows also has keyboard shortcuts, in macOS you have much more at your disposal and you will do with them very quickly.

Through these quick options you have control over many functions of the operating system, such as the Dock or the Finder, the applications or the documents, and very soon they will become essential for you.

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The gestures of the trackpad or the Magic Mouse will miss you enormously every time you put your hands on a Windows computer. Thanks to them you will be able to navigate faster through the Internet, consult documents and use applications, and it will be much faster and easier to move from one application and windows to another.

On the other hand, through Mission Control you can quickly see all the open windows,  the application thumbnails and the Dashboard, all in a unified visualization.

In addition, it offers you the option to customize the quick keyboard and mouse functions to display the desktop, access Mission Control, return to the windows of the current application or view the Dashboard.

Personally, the gestures of the trackpad and the Magic Mouse is one of the features that I appreciate most of my Mac, along with the active corners that are configured in Mission Control, which allow triggering different actions to choose when placing the mouse cursor in the corners from the screen.

1. Mac is more secure than Windows


Security is another of the main reasons to switch to Mac. Although the operating system of Apple computers is not impenetrable (no system is), the fact is that macOS has much less virus than Windows.

This does not mean that you do not have any and that you can do without a good antivirus program, but it does allow you to be exposed to fewer threats compared to the Microsoft operating system.

The secret of the safety of macOS resides in its UNIX base, which asks for the authorization of the user by entering the administrator password each time an installation is to be made in the equipment or a change is made in the system.

Obviously, if you download a file or malicious program specific to Mac and provide the administrator password, your computer will be infected, but it is more complicated than this on Windows computers.

These are the 5 reasons with which we can say that Mac is better than Windows. If you have any other queries regarding the Mac or Windows, let us know them in the below comment section and we will get back to you as soon as possible to solve all your queries.
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What is your choice Mac or Windows?

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