Top 20+ Best Google Gravity Tricks That Will Astonish You

Google Gravity Tricks: Fed up of surfing your Google Chrome browser? Wanna try out something interesting and exciting on the Google search engine? Then pause your search for a moment and head over the Google Gravity tricks that will definitely amaze you. It is well-known that Google is one of the most popular search engines which is used by millions of users across the globe. Google has loads of cool and interesting stuff for its users and Google Gravity Trick is one of them. Google often exhibits a range of tricks to perplex or astonish others through which you can dazzle your friends and family.
Google gravity tricks are based on the javascript codes created by smart programmers. Sometimes, these tricks are also known as Google no gravity, Google zero gravity and many other such names. To make use of these funny pranks, you just need to stay connected to the internet and use a working internet browser. Here are the Top 20+ Best Google Gravity Tricks where Zero 0 Gravity is the Best.

What is Google Gravity?

Have you ever seen your web pages turn upside down or might seem like falling down? In the Google Gravity tricks, you can find all such amazing and cool stuff. The content of web page are related to gravitational pull and they commence acting adversely. Google Gravity comprises a plenty of entertaining stuff which probably tends to baffle anyone with its mind blowing ideas. With Gravity google, you can easily confuse anyone and make their time worth spending in something insane and unique.

Best Google Gravity Tricks

Google gravity is a collection of hidden features that allows you to do some amazing tricks with Google. This is presented wholly for the purpose of fun and entertainment. Here are the best Google Gravity tricks that you must give a try!

1. Zero Gravity Google Flat Fall

Google Zero gravity is an exciting idea where all the contents of the web page overturn, including the texts and images. Even when you type something to search in the search engine it will be written in a reverse order. As you hit enter for a keyword search, the search results will arrive in a reverse order and in a jumbled manner. You will find it very exciting since the contents are reversed and bouncy.

Click here to experience the Zero Gravity Google Flat fall

2. Google Sphere

In Google Sphere, the contents will circulate around in a sphere pattern as you hover the mouse in the web page. It’s quite tricky and a bit tough to search anything through this page because the links twirl around with your mouse and it becomes a struggle to click on the right link. As the search results appear, you will also find them rotate in a sphere.

Click Here to experience the Google Sphere

3. Google Gravity Underwater

The Google Gravity Underwater trick demonstrates a wonderful background consisting of the underwater sea with diverse species of fishes. You’ll find the contents of the web page in a floating manner with an animated background that gives you an impeccable under the water experience.

Click Here to Experience the Google Gravity Underwater 

4. Google Guitar

Google Gravity Guitar lets you play the guitar on the search engine page and enthral others with your attitude. With this, you can play several familiar tunes like Twinkle Twinkle, Happy Birthday, Forest Gump and Harry Potter where Google provides you with the accurate notes for the tunes. As you search for a keyword in the web page, the results will appear in an inverted way.

Click Here to Play the Google Guitar

5. Do a Barrel roll

Do a Barrel roll is a simple trick which gives a speedy spin to the web page in a single moment. To try out this trick, simply open and type ‘Do a Barrel roll’ in the search bar. Once the results appear, you will experience the barrel roll on the page which looks extremely appealing. Your screen will start rotating by forming a circle. In this amazing trick, your screen will make a 360-degree turn.

6. Google Rainbow

Want to try something colourful other than the regular tricks? Then try out this Google Rainbow page which brings some colours to your Google search engine. With Rainbow Google, you can enjoy the Google links in rainbow colours which keep blinking in an animated form.

Click hereto enter into Google Rainbow

7. Google Zero Gravity Inversion

Google Zero Gravity Inversion is the best and coolest trick by the Google. Google Zero Gravity makes you feel that you are on the other side of the screen. This trick is also known as Google Gravity Mirror. It will invert all the things including images also. It displays all results in a reversed text, including the images in such a way that it becomes challenging and interesting as well to read the contents. This is one of the most interesting Google Gravity tricks that you should never miss trying.

Click Here to Invert your Google Search

8. Google Tilt

Google Tilt displays the search results in a tilted manner as you can see in the image given below. This prank can actually make the Page appear in a tilted position. To experience this trick, simply type ‘tilt’ after opening the Google search page and hit enter. As the results will appear you will find the difference between the normal search engine and the tilted one.

9. Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush is the best trick with some interesting concept of Google Zero Gravity which makes the search results disappear one after one with the falling zeros. Zerg Rush is a variety of game where you need to defend against a Zerg Rush. This trick would make the entire area of the Google search page filled with zero. If you wish to try this trick, just follow the steps given below:

  • Open and search Zerg Rush in the search bar.
  • The search results would appear and you would see zeros falling from above.

10. Google Space

Google gravity space is one of the most interesting tricks similar to Google anti-gravity, where the contents of the page keep floating without any kind of gravitational pull. It is precisely how people behave when they are in space. If you wish to experience this gravitational pull you can simply search for a particular keyword so that the search results behave in the similar floating manner. All the contents turn upside down but still keep themselves in a non-gravitational space.

Click Here to enjoy the Google Gravity space 

11. Google Snake Game

You might have all experienced the most popular snake game on your previous Nokia handsets. Google Snake Game is exactly the same as the one which you’ve played on your Nokia mobile phone. All you need to do is simply click on the link given below that redirects you to a new page where you can hit the start icon to begin the game. The snake needs to eat up all the food provided in the game in order to get larger. You need to use the four arrow directions to give movement to your snake. You can even share your scores after the completion of the game.

Click Here to Play the Google Snake Game 

12. Google Pacman

Pacman is one of the most exciting games that you can play in your leisure time. In this Google Pacman game, you represent as the Pacman who needs to finish eating the balls within the lines and defend yourself against the monsters. The main appeal here is the Pacman game and everything else persists the same.

Click Here to Play Google Pacman

13. Google Terminal

Google Terminal is one of the most unusual tricks which bring you back to the MS-DOS days. It is a simple and interesting Google gravity trick which doesn’t require using your mouse, but it’s only the keyboard letters that works here.

Click Here to Try Google Terminal Trick

14. Easter Egg trick

You might have heard of the popular Super Mario Brothers which you’ve played during your schooling. As a tribute to it, Google arranged a tricky game in its search engine. Once you type “Super Mario Brothers” in the search field, the results page will display the iconic brick with a question mark as you have seen in the game.
As you click multiple times in the brick, it will score 200 points and the rumour is, as you click 100 times it will ring a 1-up sound. This trick keeps the game unblocked and you can enjoy it once again on the web.

15. Chuck Norris Google trick

This might not be much interesting compared to other tricks but you will be surprised with the results you find on this page. Just hit the below link to find something interesting and amazing.

Click Here to Try it out  

16. Google Bing Mirror

Google Bing Mirror is one of the most interesting and amazing that shows your search page in a reverse manner. When you type something in the search box, all your search results will also get displayed in a reverse mode.

Click Here to get Bing Mirror

17. Find your IP Location

Through this Google trick, you can find your IP address and your IP Geolocation. Browser Geolocation API is a new feature introduced in HTML5. Websites can get your location information from browsers that support Geolocation API to bring you better service.

Click Here to find your IP Address

18. Weenie Google

Weenie Google is a tiny tool where the contents of the search result page turn into very small size. It is a third party tool which is not correlated in any way with the Google trademark. The animation is pretty simple.

Click Here to try it

The opposite of this is Epic Google where contents of the search result page turn into very big size.

Click Here to access it

19. Google Loco

Here is another interesting trick where the entire web page falls down like an earthquake. With the pull force of gravity, Google Loco is very much similar to Google 0 gravity.

Click Here to check the Google Loco

20. Search ‘the number of horns on a unicorn’

You probably know the answer, but Google presents it in a unique way.

21. Search for ‘Recursion’

Isn’t this funny when you search for the term ‘recursion’ with the correct spelling and still Google confuses you with “Did you mean: recursion”.

22. April Fool’s Jokes

Every year Google adores playing some pranks with its users on April Fool’s Day. You will find a variety of April Fool’s pranks on its search engine. Earlier, Google attempted the same with the MentalPlex, Google’s Moon Base, Google Romance, Google Gulp, Google TiSP, Meow me, “anti gravity Google” and the other tricks.

23. I’m Feeling Lucky

The term ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ will be found on the Google search page which is the easiest way to navigate to the most relevant web page based on your search. This option will work even when you enable the Google Instant option in your search settings, and in case the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button doesn’t work then you can try it by disabling Google Instant.

Watch Video Here:

That’s it! These are the amazing and cool Google Gravity tricks from the web. You can try using these distinctive tricks and amaze your friends and colleagues. You can even play some pranks to bring some exciting moments. Google Gravity tricks are not meant to make your search pitiful rather they are developed to add some fun to your search instead of bestowing you the regular Google experience.