personal safety apps

27 of the Best Personal Safety Apps For Your Smartphone for 2021

Hello, friends! Today I am back with the best article which helps everyone to be safe in the society. Especially girls need these type of best android Safety Apps to be safe in their daily lives. Nowadays everyone is seeking for security in the society. When a girl or a person goes out, their family members […]

SEO Tools for Ranking

50 of the Best FREE SEO Tools to Increase Blog Rankings

In today’s guide, I am going to keep all the best and free tools regarding SEO positioning which makes you optimize your blog to achieve a greater position on the web. By using all these tools, you can keep your blog/website on the number 1 position. Just make use of all the best tools which […]

earn Free google play credit

9 Simple Ways to Legally Earn Free Google Play Store Credit in 2021

An Android smartphone user will be definitely aware of the Google Play Store where you can download and install various Android apps onto your device. These days, Android-powered Smartphones are in the majority and currently, it is the most dominating platform in the digital market. If you’re an Android user, you’ll definitely visit the Google Play […]

Access Blocked Website

11 Hacks and Methods to Access Blocked Websites in 2021

Generally our Schools, Colleges, Offices will block few websites which we cannot get access through online. Now-a-days Government became very smart and banned or blocked few bad websites in India which cannot be accessed. But, we all love to get things for free of cost through online, but the admins or others will stops these […]

Androide New Virus Detected

New Virus Detected in Android that Steals Passwords, Credit Cards, Contacts

Once again the millions of users of the main operating system for mobile devices around the world should be on alert when making use of certain applications in Android for certain problems related to the security and privacy of their data. Android New Virus detected We say this because it has just been made public […]

Google Search Tricks

21 Google Search Tricks 98% of People Don’t Know

There may be a number of search engines on the web but Google stands out in every aspect of being the perfect search engine because 98% of the people use Google. By the figures, it’s not hard to say that ASK,  BING (bing is not google) etc, are not as popular as google when it […]

Create a Free Website

12 Best Platforms to Create a Free Website or Blog in 2021

Today there are many platforms that allow us to create a free web page or create a blog in minutes, but it always comes the eternal question, what I have to choose? For this, I am going to list the 12 best platforms to create a website or a blog. Although it may seem incredible, […]

Generate Web Traffic

SEO Article Ideas to Generate Web Traffic and Thousands of Visits

Before starting the topic I would like to tell you that the niche of SEO or web positioning does not have a high rate of traffic but there are certain searches that can get you a very qualified traffic. With these 10 SEO article ideas, you can generate good web traffic in the next 2018 […]

Multiple Desktops in Mac OS

How to Use Multiple Desktops on Mac in 6 Easy Steps

Do you need many windows and applications open when working with your Mac? In this tutorial, we show you how to use several desktops in macOS to use several spaces and organise better. Tutorial Use Multiple Desktops on a Mac Here is a step-by-step process to use multiple desktops on your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Follow the […]

Photo Sharing Sites

20 of the Best Photo Sharing Sites and Platforms in 2021

Best Photo Sharing Sites List: In the current tech world, everything has become much hi-fi and when it comes to the social networking platforms, people are highly enthusiastic about sharing their photos and videos with their friends and beloved ones. The popular social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and the instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, […]