21 of the Best Do-Follow High PR Document Sharing Sites in 2021

You’re here because you’re looking for do-Follow high PR document sharing sites? And we’re researched and curated an amazing list of the top ones on the internet.

Link building is one of the most crucial elements for boosting your blog or website’s presence within search engines.

Document Sharing Sites are significant sources that generate high-quality do-follow backlinks. Backlinks from High Page Rank, Domain Authority, Good Alexa Rank, and Page Authority can be incredibly easy. And, they’ll help drive massive traffic to your blog or site.

People use various techniques to drive backlinks for their websites and blogs. There are some techniques to build backlinks which are quite easy, and others that can be more laborious. Social media sharing, press release submission sites, bookmarking sites, web 2.0 sites, etc. are essential for better SEO. Luckily, it’s pretty simple to create backlinks through document sharing websites.

Document Sharing Sites

All you need to get started is simply create some documents like PDFs, Word Docs, or PowerPoint Presentations, and then hyperlink your blog or web address.

In another article, I presented a list of Free High PR Article Submission Sites which is a great way to link-build in off-page optimization. This could also help you boost the number of backlinks to your blog or website.

So, here is a collection of the best (and free) high PR document sharing sites along with a detailed explanation of each site. Hopefully, this article helps you to get high-quality backlinks from high PR sites in 2021.

List of High PR Do-Follow Document Sharing Sites in 2021

On the following document sharing sites, you can submit many different types of files. Once you share documents on these sites, you’ll get a quality do-follow link to your blog. You’ll need to create an account on some of these document sharing websites, and after that you can upload your documents.

That’s it! You can drive quality traffic to your blog through the hyperlinks you put in your document. Check out this list of the top 20+ document sharing sites, and then you can get started!


Issuu is a popular document sharing site where millions of users can find magazines, catalogs, and publications of their choosing. The company was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2006 by Michael Hansen. It is a great place for online publications where you can view digital versions of print magazines, catalogs, and documents. This document sharing site is a beneficial site for professional publishers.
Page Rank: 9
Alexa Rank: 472 (accurate Dec. 2020)
Domain Authority: 95
Page Authority: 96

2. SlideShare

SlideShare is a great site to promote your documents, especially presentations. This will help you get the visibility you need for your blog or website. And, this site has more than 60 million unique visitors per month, generating over 215 million page views altogether. The audience of Slideshare is generally looking for creative presentations!
Page Rank: 8
Alexa Rank: 129
Domain Authority: 96
Page Authority: 96

3. Scribd

Scribd is one of the world’s largest document sharing communities. Infact, it has more than 17 million viewers of its documents per month. Scribd is smooth to operate and browse in. Luckily, there are no big hangups and documents will be opened quite quickly. And, it supports a massive number of file types. Scribd is the best site for individual users, and we’ve seen several small businesses using it frequently.
Page Rank: 8
Alexa Rank: 348
Domain Authority: 95
Page Authority: 94

4. Box.net

Box.net makes it easy to manage and share files across your business. Document creation and collaboration features promote a healthy work environment. It offers in-program document creation and collaborative editing capabilities for teams.
Page Rank: 7
Alexa Rank: 18,874
Domain Authority: 91
Page Authority: 89

5. Calameo

Calameo is the best place to share your documents for free. There are dozens of options that you will get when sharing your content. The pop-up reading pane does a fair amount of work for you. And, there is a premium account upgrade that will give you ad-free pages, subscriber management, and traffic analytics. These features would be especially helpful for magazine and newspaper publishers.
Page Rank: 7
Alexa Rank: 2,328
Domain Authority: 91
Page Authority: 92

6. Zoho

Zoho is one of the best sharing sites because of its incredible ease-of-use. Here, you can create, manage, collaborate on, and share all your business documents in the cloud. Zoho boasts amazing features for all its users, for example you can store and manage all files from one centralized location. So, once your files are in Zoho Docs, you have access to them from any device or location. Ranging from single file sharing to multiple folders, each feature  is as simple as a click of a button.
Page Rank: 7
Alexa Rank: 555
Domain Authority: 84
Page Authority: 87

7. Keep and Share

Keep and Share is the hassle-free way to manage all your calendars and other relevant files in one secure, accessible location. With Keep and Share, all your information is stored in the cloud. Because of this, you can log in and view them at any time as long as your device is connected to the internet.
Page Rank: 7
Alexa Rank: 29.743
Domain Authority: 82
Page Authority: 84

8. Free eBooks

Free eBooks is one of the best document sharing site where you can publish your books. Millions of readers and visitors come to Free eBooks find great reading material! So, now you can start posting your digital eBooks online, which is quite simple and potentially profitable.
Page Rank: 7
Alexa Rank: 9,302
Domain Authority: 68
Page Authority: 74

9. 4shared

4shared.com is a file sharing site which was founded by Sergey Chudnovsky and Alex Lunkov in the year 2005. It provides online file sharing and storage allowing you to use 15 GB free web space. The registration process is pretty much easy and simple, too! It has a file upload progressor, multiple file transfer capabilities, and allows you to download documents speedily.
Page Rank: 6
Alexa Rank: 229
Domain Authority: 90
Page Authority: 92

10. Author Stream

AuthorStream is another great way to share presentations on the web. You can share presentations publicly or privately, free of cost. You can broadcast live presentations, communicate, and collaborate in real-time. AuthorStream retains all of your animations, audio narrations, and in-slide videos. You can even convert your PowerPoints to video!
Page Rank: 6
Alexa Rank: 4,257
Domain Authority: 76
Page Authority: 81

11. Mediafire

Mediafire is a file hosting and cloud storage service based in the United States. This website was established in June 2006 by Tom Langridge and Derek Labian. MediaFire is a simple to use, free service. Plus, it allows you to place all your photos, documents, music, and video in a single place.

On MediaFire, you can share, view, and listen to over 200 different file formats – all right in your web browser or mobile device! So, with up to 50GB of free space, you can use MediaFire to back up all your important files. Your files are stored securely and privately and are always available to you. From students to creative professionals, users everywhere can connect and share through MediaFire.

12. Wattpad

Wattpad is the world’s largest community for readers and writers where to share your documents.
Page Rank: 6
Alexa Rank: 1,703
Domain Authority: 83
Page Authority: 86

13. YUDU

Yudu is a cross-platform solution for publishing across the web, mostly on iOS and Android devices. Then, an upgraded YUDU digital publishing suite was launched in the year 2013.
Page Rank: 6
Alexa Rank: 6,972
Domain Authority: 82
Page Authority: 79

14. ADrive

ADrive is great for anyone looking to protect and manage their personal, business, and enterprise-level data with cloud storage and backup solutions. It offers the capability to securely centralize, manage, and back up files.
Page Rank: 5
Alexa Rank: 17,753
Domain Authority: 67
Page Authority: 72

15. SlideServe

SlideServe is a universal hub of PowerPoint presentations that gives you the ability to create, upload, and share documents on this site. This is a revolutionary free service which gives users the power to share, discover, and view PowerPoint presentations online. So, you can upload presentations free of cost and you can even share presentations publicly or privately. There is a possibility of creating your own free channels and share them on social communities like Facebook and Twitter.
Page Rank: 5
Alexa Rank: 21,095
Domain Authority: 51
Page Authority: 59

16. SlideBoom

SlideBoom enables you to create web-ready presentations from PowerPoint files. You can easily embed presentations into your blog or website. Then, upload your personal PowerPoint presentations and share them with the whole world for free! Collect feedback from your presentation viewers, and explore presentations in 100+ different languages across 30+ topics. You can also build your own application with presentation sharing features using SlideBoom services.
Page Rank: 5
Alexa Rank: 14,180
Domain Authority: 68
Page Authority: 73

17. 2shared

2shared is one of the best document sharing sites to upload files online. And, it has unlimited free web space. It is a file sharing network that has a file upload progressor and due to this feature, you can perform quick downloads. There is an option of multi-upload so that you can upload multiple documents at once.
Page Rank: 5
Alexa Rank: 3,524
Domain Authority: 69
Page Authority: 74

18. Empressr

Page Rank: 5
Alexa Rank: 85,366
Domain Authority: 52
Page Authority: 60

19. Wuala

Page Rank: 6
Alexa Rank: 36,605
Domain Authority: 68
Page Authority: 74

Other Document Sharing Websites


There, these are the best websites that can help us build quality backlinks. So, make use of these sites and get quality backlinks to your blog or website!