10 Genuine Freelance Websites for Beginners to Get Works Online

Are you vigorously looking for a freelance writing job? If you’re an ambitious writer then, freelancing the best way to exhibit your awesome skills in writing. Freelancing is a kind of job which is quite inconsistent but you’d be paid pretty much well based on your bid and the client you get. Getting started with Freelancing is simple only when you have sufficient work in your hand and the main problem with Freelance writing is there is no consistency in this job. You may not anticipate whether you’ll get work every day in the same manner as other employees in MNCs.

The work varies like you may get tons of articles request in a month, or sometimes you may not get at least a single writing job. Hence, it is quite essential that you don’t place all your eggs in one container just in case one source falls, and you dissipate a large chunk of your revenue. Here, I have compiled a list of the best Freelance writing websites, which will help you to keep you busy with new writing jobs.
Freelance Writing Jobs for beginners
No matter you are just a newbie or a professional writer wishing to penetrate into the freelance writing career, the hunt for more work is always good. Here are the best and top 10 websites you can use to start your freelance writing career online. These websites are a blend of marketplaces and websites where you can see people amenable to buy your articles. Take a look at the best websites and find your right person who offers a pretty good value for your articles!

 Best Websites for Beginners to Generate Online Income

1. Freelancer

Freelancer is a freelance job board that provides more than 100 different types of jobs available for freelancers. Earlier, Freelancer was referred as GetAFreelancer. There are various types that include IT, writing, programming, design and much more. Check out your skills and talent in any of the sectors.
If you believe that you’re highly skilled and expertize in any of the above-mentioned types of jobs, the Freelancer can help you obtain a client. Freelancer is excellent for writers to get started by providing extensive jobs. Some require over 500+ articles to be written!

2. UPWork

UPWork is another main contender for major freelance job boards. Upwork is much like Freelancer which offers a vast category of jobs that can easily be performed online. Despite the pay isn’t always the best, the absolute amount of jobs available will always give you something to do.

Anything that can be done on a computer – from the web and mobile programming to graphic design – can be done on Upwork. Freelance experts can tackle a range of projects that include huge, short, individual or team-based projects.
Whether you need a writer to beat out a 500-word blog post or a full-fledged software development team to support your business, these tools and the expert freelancers in this marketplace can accommodate.

3. Elance

For outsourcing work or finding jobs, eLance is one of the best websites. You need to register to find more details and bid on jobs, but the eLance community is very mature and bridges the gap between clients and those seeking online pay. You can get clients connect with top freelancers who are ideal and perfect for the project.
Elance - Get Freelancing jobs online
Using elance, you can kick off projects in hours, working together in your secure online workplace. Despite the name of the website is elance, all the billing and payments are handled on Upwork and you will also get an additional payment protection.

4. Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the famous classified ads websites available for many countries globally. It has a jobs category where writing and editing jobs are constantly being updated by the companies. If you’re looking for a quick writing task, craigslist is the best one. Usually, the details regarding the project, contact and email address are provided on the craigslist writing threads and you would have to contact the client if you’re interested in the project.
Despite highly neglected, Craiglist is yet one of the simple ways to find freelancing writing jobs. Craigslist’s principal attraction is to network people within the local area but you’re not confined to just your city. You can take a look around and see what you can find as there are thousands of companies and individuals post writing jobs for blogs, articles, and websites.

5. Toptal

With a precisely diverse approach than the other services on this list, Toptal is for experienced, talented freelancers. Moving Toptal’s screening method provides you exceptional access to significant projects with big clients (JPMorgan, Zendesk, Airbnb, etc.) and decent compensation (no low-bid contests).
Toptal freelance writing jobs
You’ll also be able to join the Toptal community for regular meetups and tech events.

6. Guru

Guru is one of the best freelancing websites where freelancers get hired by both the companies and customers. The intention of uniting Guru to the list is to add a prominent freelancing jobs site to the list.
Guru touts to have 1.5 million users around the world which are obviously a dominating value as far as the freelance business is regarded.

7. Squidoo

Strengthened by the thought of Seth Godin, Squidoo has an incredible community and writing system that enables anyone without a blog or website to begin writing and making money online. The intuitive interface lets you instantly create ‘lenses’ about whatever topic you wish.
Squidoo - Freelance writing jobs
Drive in AdSense, eBay, Amazon and other modes of advertising and you’ve got a vast platform to collect enduring income by writing.

8. Problogger Jobs

Problogger is one of the blogging suggestions guides in the industry. Many best and topmost bloggers and authors guest post on Problogger to join and interact with the new audience.

Problogger Job Board is one of the close areas for freelance writers and bloggers who wish to get freelance writing clients or full-time writing jobs.

9. Freelance Writing Gigs

Freelance Writing Gigs is a popular freelancing blog which writes and publishes authentic content and resources regarding freelance writing gigs. It is a job portal which is an essential job board on the web media. It is truly significant for the novice writers who are looking for the jobs board.
Freelance writing gigs
It also offers email alert option for freelance writers to get notified of the entry of new freelance writing gigs. Whether you’re a writer, editor, blogger, publisher or any sequence of those, Freelance Writing Gigs is the best choice for freelancers who have space with words.

10. Constant-Content

If you’re enthusiastic about the written word and have an established track record in creating exceptional content, then you can head to constant-content. Constant-Content is one of the debut article marketplaces for solemn freelance writers to make money online.
Because Constant-Content is so sophisticated so that writers can charge top dollar for their articles (charging upward of $100+ each article). Constant-Content has a stern editorial method but, the great marketplace and demand for writing make this marketplace one of the best.
These are the top 10 best freelance writing jobs websites for the people who are looking to begin their freelancing career. Hope this list helps you in the best way to know the best websites that offer freelance writing jobs for the novice and professional writers.

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Which Freelance Website do you use most to get work online?

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