2016 Best Tips to Multiply Google AdSense Revenue

Hello, readers! I am back with another Google AdSense article. Today I want to talk about some techniques and easy practices you can implement today on your blogs or websites. By, implementing these techniques will greatly increase your profits with Google Adsense without much effort. These tips can be applied by beginners and pro’s who are interested in doing so. Let us get into the article as follows.

Tips to multiply your income with Google Adsense

Follow these tips perfectly to see the increment in your AdSesne revenue.

Step by step procedure to apply for Google AdSense

1. Strictly follow the rules of AdSense

Present days, Google AdSense has become very strict in detecting all type of frauds that are implemented by publishers in their respective blogs. Not following the rules of AdSense will affect your account banned. In recent days, many AdSense accounts are disabled due to click hijacking code. Many of them were thinking that Google couldn’t find that and using it for less time. Whether you use it for one hour, one day or one month, your AdSense will get banned within 3 months from the day you start doing fraud.
So, be careful while doing such things with your AdSense account. Maintaining one genuine AdSense account will bring you lot of benefits. I am saying you this from my experiences. Being genuine results from my Premium AdSense account.

Precautions to take for Google AdSense from banning

2. Choose a niche that has good keywords with CPC

Select a niche which has good keywords as well as CPC (cost per click). Keyword research is very important in selecting a good niche which has good keywords and pays more with less effort.

3. Find these keywords

Gather all the keywords related to your niche, which has high CPC. Start creating content on the keywords which you have gathered through keyword research.

4. Check the keyword density you just selected

There is no ideal or exact percentage for better ranking, though an optimum 1-3% of Keyword density along with Semantic Keywords and LSI Keywords. Repeating keywords in the entire article, makes Google bot to understand about your article target.

5. Always put ads at the top of the page or post

Make sure that placing ads at the top of the page or post. When the visitor visits your page, the first impression will be started from the top to bottom. This guide is for experts who have already seen a lot of changes in their AdSense placements. A Complete Guide to Optimize Google Ads and Maximize your AdSense Earnings.

How to Activate and Place Google AdSense Page Level Ads in Website/Blog 

6. The use of images and text ads together is a good idea

Always it is a better idea to use text and image ads together. As of my experience, I used to get more clicks on text ads than link ads. It is always better to make experiments yourself on your blog/website and confirm which works well.

7. Use non-standard type ads

Use non-standard ads on your blogs/websites to see an increment in AdSense. There are few non-standard ads which gave good results so far.

  • 300×600: This non-standard ad unit is highly used by almost all the bloggers on the right sidebar. This is a successful ad unit in terms of both performance and the eCPM.
  • 125×125: This ad unit is preferable for jobs websites.

There are many more non-standard ad units which benefit us through both desktop and mobile.

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8. Choose the right format for your blog

Keep on changing the ads on your website to see the better performance. Because everyone will use different templates to their blogs. AdSense differs with every theme. So, my best suggestion is to try out different ad units and keep a track record to each ad unit performance. And finally, create a right format for your blog where the ads are working out well in their respective sizes.

9 . Use AdSense search

In order to retain the visitor on your blog and lower down the bounce rate, it’s a good advice to show the search result within your blog. In this tutorial, I will be sharing how you can create Adsense for search and show the results within your blog page. Here is a guide to Create AdSense For Search

10 . Use multiple ads

Try to use multiple ads to your blog or website to get better results.

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11 . Change the color of your ads to match the design of your website

Trying different colors of Ads on our site results in RPM etc. Changing the color of your ads to match the design of your website benefits more. Try out this feature and let me know whether it improved your earnings or not.

12 . Use horizontal links blocks

Use horizontal blocks links at navigation bar and just above the post. These results are good.

How to implement AdSense’s next generation ads: Page-level ads

13 . Make occasional experiments with the positioning of ads

As I discussed earlier, change the ads position occasionally to see the wide change in your income. Sometimes it may decrease or increase. Do not depress when it decreases, just learn which ad is working well for you.

14 . Play with the placement of ads on the page

Change the ad placements within the blog posts. Not only the outside of the website, in between the post is also very important. This leads to the improvement of AdSense revenue.

15 . Avoid the edges in ads

Always avoid placing the ads on the edges of the website or blog.

Google AdSense Payments Complete Guide

16 . Try promoting your website with Google Adwords

If you are good at Google AdWords, then try to advertise your blog with Google AdWords to get the best performance. As of now I have never tried Google Adwords.

17 . Reduce the total number of outbound links on the page

Giving links to other blogs is really good to our site, but avoid giving more. It is better to give links to highly authoritative sites to see better results.

18 . Take advantage of all the features that Google AdSense offers

Use almost all the features which are provided by Google AdSense team. Like blocks the advertisers who pay very little competition using filters, content blocking, etc. There are lot more things to optimize our Google AdSense account to get the most increment in revenue. AdSense account optimization is very important.

20 . Ads visibility

Make sure that your ads are visible and loaded in time. As soon as the content is loading the ads should also load perfectly. If not you may see negativity in AdSense revenue.

21 . Placing ads in main places

Placing ads in the main areas where we can get most clicks and visibility on our website or blog. It is very important to place the ads in perfect positions.

22 . Get targeted traffic to increase CTR

Post the fresh content and rank them to get the targeted traffic which results in the increase of CTR.
These are the tips to improve Google AdSense revenue. I know that most of them are making use of these things now. This article is for the people who are ignoring the basic points and trying hard to get good revenue with different methods. Try to monetize your AdSense with all the above tips and see the increment in your revenue. Increasing revenue is not tougher when you can do all the above things perfectly. At the start, it makes take some time to get the results, but at one point of time, you can definitely reach the target you want. Here, is an AdSense webinar for the beginners.
Happy Blogging!