10 Clues to Help You Identify Real Apple Earpods from Fake Apple Earpods

Did you get ripped off?

Let’s hope not, and this article will help you determine how to tell fake Apple earpods from real Apple earpods.

Apple’s EarPods are white in-ear headphones included with many music players (and Apple devices) or sold separately. They are designed to fit the ear better than previous versions and to be sold along with the iPod and iPod Touch products.

Described as “revolutionary,” EarPods certainly do embody a unique aesthetic image, but Apple’s reinvention of the earbud has also drawn criticisms of functionality, for example, a lack of rubber earpieces.
Real Apple EarPods
Buying headphones online is a minefield. Frankly, and unless you know the source, buying anything online comes with potential risk.

There are so many fakes, copies, and knock-offs of Apple EarPods, especially for one of the most popular earbud sets on the market. However, even the best earphones can be fragile, so you may be looking for a backup pair. If you research online shopping sites, you will see plenty of merchants selling the EarPods. Thing is, it can be hard to identify differences between real and fake EarPods.

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So, we want you to be sure you know what you’re getting before you buy. I have written this article to help you spot fake Apple earpods that plague online marketplaces.

Factors to Identify the Original Apple Earpods and Fake Apple EarPods:

1. Price:

The first thing that you should notice when shopping for Apple EarPods is the price. Generally, the original Apple EarPods are more expensive than the fake versions manufactured by third parties.

2. Casing/Box:

As soon as you get your hands on these, you should have absolutely no doubt that this is a genuine Apple product. There are some very clear signs of knock-off EarPods:

  • An Apple Logo should be carved on the backside of the casing.
  • Marks or defects in the plastic should not be visible as a result of machining.
  • The casing box should be correctly fitted.

The genuine EarPods casing has the Apple logo on it. Furthermore, the quality of the genuine plastic EarPods casing/box should be made from high-quality plastic, and should have a smooth finish. If you observe any hint of an uneven or rough surface, then you can be sure that the “EarPods” were made by a third party.

3. EarPods Color:

This could be the easiest way to differentiate real EarPods from fake ones. You have to keep in mind that the original Apple EarPods are available only in the color white. So, if you find any differences in color, then they are made by a third party.

4. Build Quality:

If you closely observe the construction of the in-ear piece, note that real EarPods are made in two parts and join together without any excess plastic or roughness. Also, third-party EarPods are made in three parts and are joined roughly. Moreover, the fake ones will weigh less than real ones. Genuine ones will feel sturdier, better made, and slightly heavier (due to a premium build quality).

5. Ear Fitting:

EarPods fitting
The Original Apple EarPods provide you with the best fitting. It should fit neatly in your ear cavity and not pop out on its own. Fake EarPods tend to have a cheap design that doesn’t fit snugly in your ears.

6. Remote Control or Volume Control +/- Imprint Color:

This factor is pretty difficult to differentiate unless you have a set of both original and fake EarPods with you. The color of the volume +/- buttons on the Apple certified EarPods remote control is a dim grey color. However, if you notice that the color is a little bit on a darker side than that, then it is likely a fake EarPod set.

7. Trademark Text Imprint On The Wire:

If you check the wires of your EarPods between the audio jack and the remote control, you may see at some point that there is a trademark text imprint on the wire. This should read, “Designed by Apple in California”. If you can’t find any trademark text imprint on your EarPods, then you have fake or third-party EarPods.

8. Sound Quality:

The Apple EarPods are designed to provide you with the best listening experience through the earphone design. The new design ensures that you get the deeper lows and crisper highs while listening to music. If you experience poor quality or anything less than pristine, then you should know that you have fake ones.

9. The Bass Holes in the EarPod:

EarPods bass holes
The OEM EarPods will conduct an airflow to the bass holes at the bottom, which is the design for better bass quality. If you cover these holes with your fingers, less bass can be heard. For fake ones, the “bass holes” are just for decorative purposes.

10. Microphone Quality:

This factor is also one of the harder features to spot in fake EarPods. For this, you have to connect your EarPods to your iPhone, call your friend, and ask them if they are able to hear your voice loud and clear and without any disturbance or unwanted noise. Usually, people doesn’t pay attention to this while checking their EarPods.

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Other Differences:

  • The grille of the original EarPods has a sleek finish, while in the fakes the grille is visibly of inferior quality.
  • The original wiring is soft, and does not hold its shape if you bend it. In contrast, in fakes the cable is more rigid and often snaps back to its original shape if folded.


That’s all you need to know while purchasing brand new EarPods for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from any accessory shop or an unofficial Apple reseller.

This list covered the differences between real and fake Apple EarPods. If you find any other differences other than the ones mentioned above, let us know in the below comments.

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