What is Link Baiting? How it helps as per SEO, Examples and Differences

If you have any interest in positioning your web page or blog, it is important to know all the ways to do link building since the links are still one of the most important factors to rank our blog on the top of the search engine.

This time we will talk about link baiting, an excellent way to get quality links for free and that you can replicate yourself in your own project. Let’s get into the topic.

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What is Link baiting?

The link bait is an excellent way for your website to gain authority in a relatively affordable way, the simple and straightforward definition of link baiting would be to create epic content with the goal of getting the most organic inks.

It is a free technique that is used a lot in all kinds of blogs, e-commerce and other pages and other pages and that gives very good result but not everything will be an advantage, here are some negative points too. Take a look.

  • You can not define the anchor text with which you are linked.
  • You also will not be able to choose the blogs that link you or, of course, your authority.
  • Not all link baiting strategies work well.

I hope that these three negative points have not taken away the desire to try the link baiting because now is when I will explain you everything with several examples.

Differences between Link building and Link Baiting

They really are a different thing, what’s more, link baiting is one of the many link building tips that exist. Link building refers to building links to inflate a web page of authority, it is possible to do it in different ways.

  • Buying links
  • Requesting links
  • Creating a PBN
  • Guest posting

There are thousands of ways, basically everything is to get a link, either paid or free is about link building while as you have previously seen the link baiting is a little different.

Finally remember that Google in general and Matt Cutts, in particular, are totally against link building while the latter talks about link baiting as the best way to generate links. To know more information of what Matt Cutt said, see here.

Link Bait Examples

Here I will give you all the examples of Linkbait that you can start using in your website or blogs or projects, I hope you at least use some of the methods.

1. Videos

Viral videos are the main sources of link baiting and even for traffic. Simply you have to connect to Facebook to realise a number of videos that are viral and to take accounts.

Make use of YouTube.

2. Infographics

Do you know what the infographics are? You should since they are another great source to get quality backlinks thanks to the bait link. These are maps or images that simply a theme and make it very visual.

Personally, I love them and I think they are good both to make a ‘Photo’ of the complete content of a post as for the reader as it simplifies a lot and makes reading very comfortable.

Here are the few examples.

3. Studies

Doing an extensive study on something very concrete can also be a good source of link baiting, if you catch the interest of readers and create a certain stir it is possible for you to link even from newspapers.

Personally, I think it is a good way to generate link bait. So, I recommend it 100% above all if you dedicate yourself to technical topics like web positioning, social networks or something that can generate interest.

4. Experiments

I love the experiments and I think I’m not the only one, in the world of SEO. We are always looking forward to doing some experiment with a web page or an essay in which any theory is tested. Don’t you think it can also fit your topic?

You simply need to spend time on experimenting with something, I assure you that it does not have to be something complex and in fact, I recommend that it be something super simple to understand and replicate.

5. Contests

Everyone like contests, they are super simple to link without becoming intrusive with our readers.

In this example, you would have to invest at least in the prizes although pulling imagination and creativity is more than possible to make the whole contest at zero cost.

6. Open to the World

The posts that leave the heart are the ones that work best, if you like to empty yourself, infant of the page, it may be a good idea to try in front of the screen and open the world.

These kinds of articles go very well but of course, you have to be willing to talk about your most intimate self. If you don’t have any problem then go ahead, try and win!

7. Discuss, fight, argue

Many have used this technique to argue against the leader that marks the trend, of course, it is not good to fight for fighting: it is necessary to do things well and have a strategy from beginning to end.

Also, it is important to know about the topic you are going to talk.

8. Create a listing

Have you seen my post collection with 50 Free and Best Tools to Position Our Blog on Number 1 Place?. It is the typical example of the post that can become viral why? I gave a good amount of tools that may like to someone who is starting or an expert in this business and are also classified.

I think that improving content that exists in both quality and quantity is an excellent way to get backlinks, join one for the link bait.

9. Treat a topic with humour

Everyone likes to laugh and have a good time so if you are good at writing humour articles it may be a good idea to create a post about a specific topic taken with humour, in your theme, there are only people and rare faces give it a go!

10. Create a mega post

The guides on a specific topic or a tool usually overwhelm, I personally love to write the mega post because they usually have a good reception such as my guide to get an AdSense approval. If you have not read it, I recommend it.

11. Gifts Everywhere

We love gifts, but you already know that!

Whenever you see an article where something is given or where there is a draw the visits come out, create a post explaining how it works and what the conditions are and sweeps more people with your article.

That yes, ask them to subscribe, put the pixel of Facebook or at least try to give something value in return since if you do not catch your new visitors it is possible that they will not happen again on your blog or website.

12. Podcasting

Podcasting is one for the best way for link baiting.

13. Interviews with Experts.

They are many ways to take Experts interviews such as YouTube, Blogs, Television, Podcasting, etc. Just blow your imagination and get the best guests, it will be a success!

14. Talk about authority

Talking about authority is a good way to get link baiting. Many of the bloggers show very interest in knowing about increasing their blog authority. This will be a big hit if you write it as a case studies.

15. Create something new

If you are a programmer I am sure you are able to create a plugin or functionality. Create something new which helps many of your user’s tasks do be done in a less time than the actual time. If your product or anything gets hit, getting links is very easy.

Link baiting works very well here.

16. Compilations

How many compilations of “best X of 2017” have you seen this year? Personally, I think they have already been given too much hype and they have already lost their initial strength that they had before. But, I think at least it is relatively easy to get links from the blogs you mention.

It is a good way to get benefits and collaborations such as a guest post or even have them share your next digital product with your list in the next newsletter.

17. Go ahead and read the future

Positioning factors for 2018, how will interior design be in 2020, etc. How do these titles sound like? Well to me, every year end repeats this kind of post and to the curiosity, it works well.

Usually, they are just an opinion of the author, which is a quite good, so it will not cost much to do this example of link baiting.

18. Name your favourite experts

I have already lost count of all the post-compilations I have seen this past year: from the best SEO bloggers in the world to the sexiest bloggers lol.

I will give you my most sincere opinion: I am bored a lot, but I have to admit that they bring traffic and you may drop some link from the experts.

19. Get something epic and tell it

Imagine that you reach 100,000 visits in a month with your blog. Don’t you think it would be inspiring for your followers? I think it will. The best thing you could is to tell it in a spectacular post that hooks from beginning to end and that contributes a pass of information, that type of content is the one that generates link baiting!

This type of articles usually have a lot of glue and generate link bait, in addition, yo can write it for your blog or for a guest post. Try it and if you have already done it let me know in the comments.

How to make viral our articles?

It’s not about writing, but you have already noticed it that you have been carrying thousands of articles and you have hardly even been getting visitors, have you? In this part, you will see how you can help to viral your contents to reach more people.


Nothing like networking, find the main influencer of your niche that may be interested in your content and recommend that you share it with your followers.

It is possible that most do not pay any attention to you but you know, try to earn them a little earlier so that when you play ask they will not have any problem in helping you.

Social networks

Social networks help us a lot to viral our content. Create a fan page or a powerful group with which to be able to support your publications to have interactions from the first moment because you already know that what starts well ends well!

Payment traffic

Well, if link baiting is an organic link building technique and that principle does not require an investment but that does not mean that you can not support the process and above all streamline it with a little money, right?

In this business online is important to have at least a small amount of money to support our efforts and achieve better results.

Latest tips for your viral

Naaah, I think with what you have read so far you have enough to generate your articles link baiting but the truth is that I did not want to leave the post incomplete and I have encouraged to add this part with several last minute advice, I hope they help you!


You do not have to be the most creative in the world to be able to do something original, just think about what kind of content you share yourself. What do you like? And your friends?


Differentiation is something similar to creativity, if your article is original because it deals with a topic differently than your competitors do, you will have a better chance that your link baiting strategy works out for you. In addition to the differentiation, the results are seen before so much if it pleases to your public like if they do not like.


Do not give bread to those who do not have teeth, the first thing you have to do is set an audience that will interest your article because otherwise, you will work in the pail and also you will not be able to get remarkable results. Make a good plan of content and diffusion and decreases the chances that your baiting link goes bad.

Conclusion on link baiting

Wow, you’ve already finished the article on link bait and I hope it has helped you know the definition and of course encouraged you to target your new free organic link building strategy.

Now that I have finished writing the post about link baiting I would like to know your opinion. Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

What do you think about link baiting? Have you tried this technique of gaining authority? How did it work for you?