OLX.in – Complete review about OLX |an online free classifieds


OlX.in is an online free classifieds site which was started on March 2006 by Fabrice Grinda & Alec Oxenford (co-founders and CEO’s respectively) which was supposed to be a private company; more than 100 employees are working in OLX, its main headquarters is in New York City (This is introduction about OLX as per Wikipedia)

OLX.in in India:

In the current country head is Amarjit Batra, who had a peculiar perception about OLX growth, he made a deliberate change in the site’s outlook, and Indians are very fond of the “internet marketing” as we can say that facebook achieved their 1 billion in India very fast, overall in Asia, India is the second most internet usage country, daily some millions of people buy and sells goods online through many online sites, but OLX had a separate way!

OLX.in is a free online classifieds site, meaning we can post free ads about our products, services, goods and either we can buy the products or sell the products for freely. No extra cost or no special fee in posting ads about our products in OLX, it’s totally free, not like other classifieds site which have inner fee, in one line we can say OLX is a place where buyers meet sellers vice versa;

For example: you need to buy a bike in your local surroundings (city) , so you will ask your friends and some other people you know, but it will take so much time to get your bike, in the same way suppose you want to sell your car or bike , first you will tell to your friends and so on, this matters a lot of time, and you always think of selling or buying used products in your local surroundings (city), in a quick way to get things to be done, go to OLX.in straight, post ad in the category which your product belongs to, post the price with your contact number, you will get the deal done, but  how?
As you posted ad in the OLX.in, some millions of people see your ad and let some 1000’s of people belong to your city, and some 100’s of people interested in buying your product, they contact you through your contact number, make a deal with them; matter over in a few days, in the same way you need to buy a product, search for the product category, find the product, contact the buyer, make a deal with him, job over! Is that easy? Yes it’s very easy as 1, 2, and 3

TV ad campaign to understand better about OLX.in:

Every company advertises about their products and services for the people through advertisements, for publicity, better understanding about their products & services etc, but many of the advertisements have no meaning now-a-days, OLX advertisements doesn’t belong to this group, they are completely different, funny and good humor concepts; actually OLX started it’s TV ad campaign in 2011, and all ads are very popular as they are very straight forward, just one line is enough to describe about their products, got any used product you don’t want , sell it in OLX ( OLX pe bechdey!) like this there are many ads made by olx.in pointing to their services in  a good way! Which made it to be one of the world’s biggest online classified site, serving in more than 100+ countries, in 40+ languages.