How To Share Photo Album With iCloud From iPhone, iPad, Mac

Sharing photos with family and friends is something that can be done in multiple ways. Now, if you prefer not to do it through a social network and you want to deliver them directly to certain people, there is a way to do it. Let’s see in this tutorial how to share a photo album […]


Problems In Google AdSense Are Reported Around The World

The dawn of day 1 to day 2 of May has been complicated in the Adsense world. Thousands of publishers have woken up with a number of expected profits practically nil, reassured only by the thousands of tweets of people who ask in social networks whether it is something general or not. Both earnings and […]


How To Send A Fake Location In WhatsApp

Has anyone ever asked you to send your location but you did not want them to know where you are? Then this tutorial is for you. If you don’t know yet, you can send a fake location by WhatsApp, both static and through the real-time sharing location mode. Let’s see how? Carrying out this action […]


Methods to Convert a GIF to a Video for Instagram – How to

Do you want to post a video on Instagram? And that video is in Gif format? Don’t worry. Now, it is very simple to post GIF on Instagram, but not directly in the GIF format. Then how? Do you know that the animated GIFs can be turned into a Video? Yes! You heard it right. […]


7 Best Video Downloading Apps for Android

We all love to watch some of our favourite videos. Some of the videos like motivational, funny videos tend to watch it many more times. But, you may not be connected to the internet all the time. In such a case, you wish to download that video and add it to the list of your […]


How to Reduce the Size of Your Photos: 5 Useful Tools

The very first thing we see in buying any smartphone is the Camera. The high pixel clarity and the large size of the image impress us any all the ways we want. Here comes the problem, when you want to upload these pictures to the Internet. Due to the high quality, the size and the […]


Tools, Tips and Mistakes to find the Best Keywords on Google

This comprehensive guide Keyword is a complete work that I have done with my team, which aims to guide you step by step through these tips, mistakes, tools and other interesting aspects to help you to choose the Top keywords to position in Google. If you follow the recommendations we give you in this guide, […]


How to Download all Photos from iCloud library without Reducing Quality

Of all the challenges that the general user has with the configuration of iCloud, without a doubt the management of the photographs is the greatest. There is often confusion between what is in the iCloud and what is stored locally, and the settings of the devices do not usually clear up doubts. And for many […]


The 22 Best Internet Search Engines (Alternatives to Google)

Do you know which are the best internet search engines or do you think Google is the only one that exists? Have you ever wondered how difficult it would be to search the Internet for the characteristics of a product, the location of a restaurant or information on an interesting topic without the help of […]