How to Watch Videos with Subtitles on iPhone with VLC Player

Do you want to watch videos with subtitles on your iPhone? Do you think it is possible? Yes, it is possible and in a very simple and easy way with VLC player. Do you want me to reveal that simple way for you? Then continue reading the article.

Generally, we used to watch videos with subtitles on our MacBook. But, it is really hard to watch them on your iPhone and in only before days. Now, it got very simpler and easier so that everyone can watch any videos with subtitles on their own iPhone or iPad devices.

Watch Videos with Subtitles on iPhone with VLC Player

To watch or play videos with subtitles on iPhone or iPad devices we need VLC player. If you are thinking how it can help us to watch, see the tutorial below.

Steps to Play videos with Subtitles on iPhone with VLC player

Just follow the steps below to see the videos with subtitles on your iPhone/iPad/iPod devices.
Step 1:
Go to AppStore and download VLC player on your iPhone.

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Step 2:
Once the installation is completed, connect your iPhone to your Mac via iPhone USB charger wire.

Step 3: 
Click on the Mobile symbol which is the side of the music button. See the below image for clear vision.


Step 4:
Next, you will see the overview of your iPhone. There click on the File Sharing” option which is on the left side of the screen. See the below image.

Step 5:
Once you are there, you can see all the apps on the screen. There click on the VLC Player.

Step 6: 
Select the video and subtitles files which you want to watch on your iPhone and drag them to your iPhone VLC player list. See the below image for the clear vision.

Step 7:
Once the copying files are completed, open the VLC player on your iPhone.

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Step 8:
On your iPhone, you can see all the videos that are copied from your Mac in VLC player playlist. This can be done any other iOS devices too.

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Step 9:
Once you open the app, play any video you want. There you can watch videos on your iPhone with subtitles.

Note: Make sure that your video file and subtitle files should have the same name. So, that VLC player will automatically play a video with subtitles.

Watch video of how to watch videos with Subtitles on iPhone/iPad for Free:

That is it you are done. Isn’t it easy? This is the simplest method to watch any video with subtitles on iPhone or any other iOS devices. If you are still looking for the simple way to watch videos with subtitles, then visit our website frequently for the upcoming posts. We will publish all the methods which help us to do this.
If you are facing any issues while following the above method, let us know in the below comment section. We will get back to you to solve all your queries as soon as possible.
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Which method do you use to watch videos with subtitles on your iPhone/iPad/iPod devices?

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