How to Prevent Automatic Videos Playback in the iOS 11 App Store to Save Data

IOS 11 comes to us with a complete redesign of the App Store. After ten years with hardly any changes, finally, the App Store is up to date when navigation and design are concerned. One of the changes introduced are the video previews of the apps, which although they were in previous versions, are now more relevant and play automatically.


Prevent Automatic Videos Playback in the iOS 11 App Store

If while browsing the App Store you do not want these videos to play (either because they consume data or because they simply annoy you) you can disable the option. 

Steps to Stop Automatic playback of Videos in iPhone or iPad AppStore

To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad with iOS 11


  • Choose iTunes and App Store

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  • Go to Play videos automatically.

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  • Here you can choose from three options: Yes, Wi-Fi only, No.


Once you have chosen the option that suits you, you can see how this applies in the App Store in the app previews. If you have chosen not to play automatically you can play them by simply clicking on them.

These adjustments are essential if you have limited data in your tariff. Videos that are automatically played mean that they are also downloaded automatically in the background. Therefore, we are consuming data without even realising it. There are also similar options in apps like Safari from iOS 10.

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I hope this article will you to save some of your Mobile data by preventing automatic playback videos in AppStore. Share your thoughts on the same in the below comments section.

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