How to Send Photos in WhatsApp without Compressing the Quality on iPhone

WhatsApp for iOS, like many other services, compress the images before sending them to another user. The means that an image that you are going to send to an acquaintance, it will look worse when it arrives with a lower quality since WhatsApp automatically compresses it to save data and shipping costs. Generally, this is not a problem when we send photos that are going to be consumed on the same mobile, but if we want to send a photo to work with it on the computer later or any other function … losing quality is not a good idea. Then what to do now? Do not worry much because we have a solution for this problem.


To avoid that an image loses quality when sending it through WhatsApp is relatively simple, we just have to not send it as an image. That is, send the photo as a file so that WhatsApp does not apply its compression. Another option, of course, is to use another transfer system that is not WhatsApp. If you want to send it in only WhatsApp then this solution is for you.

Steps to Send a Photos in WhatsApp without Losing Quality 

Follow the below steps to send photos through WhatsApp app without compressing the quality of the images.

  • In Photos, choose the image you want to send without loss of quality and then press Share> Save in Files.
  • Save it to the folder you want in Files.

See the below image for the above steps that are performed on iPhone.

  • Open WhatsApp and go to the conversation where you want to share the image without loss of quality.
  • Press the + icon in the lower left and select Document.
  • Find the image that you previously saved in Files, select it and confirm to send the photo.

See the below image for the above steps that are performed on iPhone.

That is it! With this, the other person will receive the image without loss of quality and without any compression. A direct preview of the image in the conversation will not appear, but it will appear as a sent document. Opening the document we will visualize the image and will be able to keep it in Photos. Keep in mind that this also means a significant increase in the storage of WhatsApp backup, so it should be done only with the really important images. If you want this to not happen, delete the image of your conversation after sending it.

What other options are there? If you need WhatsApp to send it, faster there is no way to save the image in Files and then send it as a document. Another option is if you are close to the other person and have an iPhone then sending through AirDrop will work, which is the most direct and effective method.

That is it!. This is how we will be able to send the photos in WhatsApp without compressing its quality. I hope this article will help you to share the images with your friends with the original quality of the photo. If you have any queries regarding the above method, let us know them in the below comment section and we will get back to you as soon as possible to solve all your questions.

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