Top 9 best Facebook Pages 2014

Facebook, now-a-days it is a common word that every one use. It is a place of Fan Pages, Groups, Chatting,etc. Facebook is the place, which acts as more informative by sharing and publishing variety of things. If you see the Facebook, the major updates are from the Fan Pages. Now I update Top 9 best Facebook pages 2014.

Top 9 best ranked Facebook Pages 2014

9. The Simpsons

Top 9 best Facebook Pages 2014

The Simpsons stood at Top 9th best Facebook Pages 2014 among all other. Joined Facebook on June 9, 2008It acquired almost 69m likes. Exactly it has 69,581,847 likes and 657,996  are talking about this. Daily growth  likes are +27,622 and weekly growth is about +250,719.

8. Texas HoldEm Poker

Top 9 best Facebook Pages 2014
Texas HoldEm Poker stood at Top 8th best Facebook Pages 2014 Founded on July 4th, 2004It acquired almost 69m likes. Exactly it has 69,891,835 likes and 111,307 are talking about this. Daily growth/decrement  likes are -4,590 and weekly growth/decrement is about –36,302.

7. Shakira

Top 9 best Facebook Pages 2014
Shakira stood at Top 7th best Facebook Pages 2014Founded on May 8, 1886It acquired almost 77m likes. Exactly it has 77,661,795 likes and 2,282,355 are talking about this. Daily growth  likes are +43,483 and weekly growth is about +407,582.

6. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola stood at Top 6th best Facebook Pages 2014 among othersFounded on May 8, 1886It acquired almost 78m likes. Exactly it has 78,725,219 likes and 542,912 are talking about this. Daily growth  likes are +27,888 and weekly growth is about +203,749.

5. Youtube

top 9 best facebook pages 2014
Youtube stood at Top 5th best Facebook Pages 2014 among all the fan pagesFounded in 2005. It acquired almost 77m likes. Exactly it has 77,843,020 likes and 203,293 are talking about this. Daily growth  likes are +5,298 and weekly growth is about +15,449.

4. Eminem

Top 9 best Facebook Pages 2014
 Eminem placed at Top 4th best Facebook Pages  2014 among all the fan pages. Joined Facebook    in December 10,2008. It acquired almost 80m  likes. Exactly it has 80,431,284  likes and 589,905 are talking about this. Daily  growth  likes are +26,333 and weekly growth is  about +192,164.

3. Rihanna

Top 9 best Facebook Pages 2014
 Rihanna stood at Top 3rd best Facebook Pages  2014. Joined on February 12, 2008 with 84m  likes. Exactly it has 84,306,775 likes  and 1,275,824 are talking about this. Daily  growth likes are +27,192 and weekly growth is  about +2,597,728.

2. Facebook

Top 9 best Facebook Pages 2014
 Facebook is a page which gives us about all the Facebook working,etc. Facebook stood at Top 2nd best Facebook  Pages 2014 which is founded on February 4th,  2004 with 109m likes. Exactly it has 109,610,515  likes and 706,080 are talking about this. Daily  growth likes are +13,323 and weekly growth is  about +159,005.

1. Facebook for Every Phone

 Facebook for Every Phone is the Top 1st best  Facebook Pages 2014 which is founded on   August 1st, 2011 with 371m Likes. Exactly it has   371,910,019 likes and  4,820,782 talking about   this. Daily growth likes are about 516,156 and   weekly growth is about +3,446,415. 
These are the Top 9 best Facebook Pages 2014 updated according to present stats of Facebook and website. If you have any queries among these pages let us know in your valuable comments.